Whatever your music genre of choice, you would be hard-pushed not to feel some affinity with the hard-hitting themes touched upon in the video for V. Simmons’ Lonely World.

This catchy and current song which showcases V. Simmons’ fantastic voice and flow also holds a message many will relate to.

This talented 27-year-old London songwriter and rapper, who began songwriting at an early age, draws upon subjects from within his own life as well as harrowing events across the world which have struck a chord with him – and us all – from Boko Haram, Nigeria’s militant Islamist group, to the lives lost in America, sparking the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

In Lonely World, V. Simmons eloquently, and with heart, shares his feelings of despair at the difficulties faced by so many – but also expresses hope – “The whole world falling apart, I really feel it; But we can make a change for the better if you believe it”.

While it’s often commonplace for rappers to use a singer for the hook on their songs, V. Simmons chose to sing this one himself.

He said: “I’m from Nigeria originally; my parents live there. I was over there at Christmas last year so I was around everything that was going on and I was able to witness first-hand how people felt about it. That was what inspired the song.

“I chose to sing on the track, partly because there wasn’t a singer around when I was in the studio, but I could have waited. I’m not that comfortable singing, but I just felt, as the song was so personal to me, that I could probably bring the emotion I was feeling into it better than anyone else.”

He added: “I ended up doing a video for it and got it premiered on Complex, which was a pretty cool achievement for me.”

It comes through in Lonely World’s first verse that V. Simmons wants to use his gift of music to make a positive change, something that’s commendable in a world filled with violence and negativity.

In a time where real -life issues are often lost in music, pushed aside by the glamourisation of wealth and status, it’s refreshing to hear a rapper talk about something so emotive and important.

Lindsey Sampson