This week, we’re shining the spotlight on a real contender for  becoming a star of the future, Courtney ‘Courtz’ Hadwin.

Listen to Courtney sing without seeing the video, and only the youthful hints that come through in her voice give away that this songstress has just turned 11 years old.

With vocal control that belies her young age, a few more years of the experience and growth that comes with maturity will no doubt see this youngster, who hails from Hartlepool in the North-east of England, grabbing the attention of the industry.

Courntey began singing lessons for musical theatre two years ago and is working towards Grade 4 musical theatre. She entered the Teenstar competition this year for the first time, reaching the grand final. She also won the Red Dreams 1voice competition and her version of Rihanna hit We Found Love was played on Hartlepool Radio.

Her most recent release and first studio-produced track – a cover of A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s hit Say Something – is certainly worth a listen. The stripped back piano
accompaniment is very effective and shows some emotional understanding often lacking in such young performers.

And While Courtney may still have some growing to do, the choice of song is fitting when her mature-for-her-years voice is so reminiscent of that of a young Christina back in her Disney Club days. One to watch.


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