Listen to SD*JEM’s “Mr OJ” twice and I double dare you not to hit replay just one more time. And then again. And again.

The first time around, I’ll admit I did question whether I really was hearing a song about a man who really loves his orange juice. Is that you, Kel? (That one’s for all the 90s kids out there…)

But there’s no denying Mr OJ is as catchy as they come and you’ll want to play it again and again. Partly to giggle, partly to have a little dance around your living room, and some little bit because you kinda wish you were at their party.

SD*JEM are a four-piece pop-rock band.They started life as a duo – brother and sister Denis and Shanel Jemal (they were still a duo when Mr OJ was created), and expanded earlier this year to include guitarist Dan Kerridge and drummer John Wilson.

Mr OJ was recorded in 2013 – written “kind of jokingly” according to lead singer Denis – “while having some banter in the studio” and filmed for fun in the garden of his mum’s nursery with all the duo’s friends.

The video – like the song – is a big barrel of fun. It’s reminiscent – for me, at least – of some of the most summery summer anthems out there.

It gets in your head and makes you smile. I’m talking Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, The Ketchup Song, Mysterious Girl… There’s no doubt that if these guys were signed to a big label, Mr OJ would have been another one going down in history as a crazy, catchy summer choon.

Other SD*JEM songs are also worth a listen – this is not a one-hit band.

The most recent single on their YouTube channel, “Not to Love You” has an equally pop-rock vibe, but without the comedy element and shows off the pair’s songwriting and recording talents. They also have a wealth of cover versions to enjoy, both on YouTube and on their Facebook page.

As a duo, SD*JEM supported acts including Cher Lloyd in 2012 and The Saturdays in September 2014.

Denis says that since the decision was made to become a full band, the group has developed a better stage presence and has lots of plans for the future – so watch this space!

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