When you sit down on contemplate on which way to go between Twitter and Facebook, you will sit for a long time. Both platforms are very popular and very efficient but in very different ways. Twitter and Facebook are veteran social media platforms, although Facebook was here first. Facebook is like your local club, where you meet with your friends in order to catch up at the end of the week. Twitter is a more serious setting, like when you brief your team on the project progress.


When it comes to business, you need to choose a platform that works in your favour. It all depends on the purpose of the social media platform. If you are running are in fashion business, Facebook can be the best marketing tool. On the other hand, if you are running a consultancy company, Twitter can help you grow your business.


Ultimately, both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses. Twitter is so fast that news reporters usually use the hashtags to follow on developing stories. Facebook is so wide, it users are double the Twitter users. Therefore, Twitter becomes an ideal option for business-to-business interactions. Facebook is the ideal site for business-to-consumer interactions. Below if a brief comparison between these two social media giants.



As mentioned earlier, Facebook beats Twitter hands down when it comes to size. However, Twitter has consistent newsfeeds. If you have a little budget and you want to promote your product choose Facebook. In addition, if you have huge following on your personal account, capitalise on that in your business page. If you have brief content that you want to share with your followers, choose Twitter. If you have a popular product, and people might be looking for the product, use Twitter.


Information Duration

As mentioned earlier, twitter moves with the speed of a lightning. The fast speed can work in favour or otherwise. Your Tweet will spread fast, but it will only stay for a short duration before another tweet displaces it on the live feeds. It is not easy to monitor the newsfeed on Facebook, but important content will receive acknowledgement through likes and community shares. If you have a lot of content to share, use the Facebook platform because you will have reasonable interaction. If you want to share unrelated information, use Twitter to spark up the conversation.


Who is the winner?


Ultimately, there is no clear winner because each platform has significant strengths and weak points. The best approach to use is to try both and see what works for you. Eventually, you will identify what works for you and what does not. Moreover, there is no harm in running both accounts. Social media platform is where loyalty rules do not apply. You can use both platforms without feeling guilty.

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