So I am sad to report that I had Sally’s slight swollen leg scanned this morning and it’s not great news. She has damaged her deep flexor tendon. The vet agrees that she probably damaged it when I thought she did, which was when she was messing around being ridden about 10 days ago, as it looks like an impact injury rather than a strain or a pull. We have had intermittent soundness which is why I’ve waited this long to have it scanned really. It could be a lot worse as the damage is not severe. But even so feeling really down and sad about it as was really looking forward to our last two events.

Unfortunately accidents happen and it can’t be helped now. So its just a case of giving her the best care I can and listening to the vet’s advice about care and treatment. They are having they surgeon have a good look at the scans and getting back to me. So then I’ll know a bit more. From what I know, box rest then gradual leading her in hand will be the protocol. Then she can be turned out and gradually be bought back into work. I’m looking at least 4-6 months before she is back in full work I think. I have been giving some anti-inflammatory drugs for her and will cold hose her leg. As well as putting bandages on at night to help support the injury and keep the swelling down.

Sally loves being out in the field more than most horses. She’d definitely rather be out in the field in all weathers than stuck in the stable. So box rest isn’t going to be easy for her, but it’s our only option for now. I have a few friends who have already recommended ultrasound and some holistic therapies. I shall start looking into options for her and case studies of the different treatments. I am not wanting to rush her back into anything just want it to heal as well as possible in the time that she is off. So I am willing to try anything really and see what works for her.

I guess I am feeling more sad about it as she has not been really visibly lame as you would expect with a leg injury. The deep flexor tendon is not overly visible so it doesn’t look very bad either. Which I guess is how the injury can end up really bad as people don’t see a lot and think its nothing and carry on. Luckily I have not been riding her since the swelling appeared so it hasn’t been made any worse in the period before having the scan.

I expect I’ll be feeling like my right arm has been cut off not being able to ride for a few months. But lots of my friends have horses so perhaps I’ll ride theirs now and then if I can. I also shall consider going and riding some work for racehorse trainers now as I’ll have a bit more free time and I do miss galloping racehorses. It’s also great for fitness and weight loss so lots of benefits to it :-)

So sorry to say you wont be seeing us out now representing RU Active until next seasons eventing, but hopefully we’ll be back better and stronger next year.

Leonna Mayor xx

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