Listen up! Justin Bieber has a major relationship status announcement: He’s single and “ready to mingle.”

That’s right. Justin officially confirmed that not only is he a ladies-free man during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” but he is looking, but not for anything too serious.

“I’m single, ladies…and ready to mingle,” he said to a crowd of screaming girls. “I don’t know if I’m ready for a relationship right now.”

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And that could be because women just downright confuse the pop star, which he sings about on his chart-topping new single, “What Do You Mean.” Ellen did her best to try and find out whether or not the song is about Justin’s ex Selena Gomez, asking if his inspiration to the song rhymes with “Melena,” but Justin wasn’t giving it up.

“I wrote the song for women in general,” he said. “I just never know what women are thinking. They say one thing and they mean another thing, like, ’Do this, no don’t do this.’ Like, what do you mean? Or they’re kissing you and push you off of them. I’m like, ’Why? What’s going on?’”

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