I’ve mentioned before how much I love J Cole – not just his music – but the person he appears to be. You won’t find many celebrities who go out of their way for their fans, but Jermaine most definitely will. Even though he’s busy right now on his tour, he remembered a promise he made to a certain fan 2 years ago.


Cierra Bosage, a big fan of J Cole’s, reached out to him in 2013, trying to get a ‘Happy Birthday’ from him. She got in touch with a radio station to help, but nothing came of it. Months later, she was surprised when J Cole himself gave her a call. After that, the pair met, and Cierra gave him a letter she had been carrying around for a while.

J Cole then direct messaged her on Twitter, telling her he’d read the letter and admired her. He promised her if she got into a 4-year university, he would attend it. Pretty crazy, right? Just hearing that part of the story is pretty amazing in it’s own right, but that’s not all.


Two years later, he TURNS UP at the graduation as he promised her, rescheduling some of his tour especially for it. He’s even funded some of her fees. Proof that J Cole goes above and beyond for his fans. Show me another celebrity that does this!

On another note, word has it that J Cole is gonna feature on a track on Rihanna’s next album. Considering the two are signed to the same label, I’m surprised we haven’t heard more from them before.