I am surprised at what a great time I had at the races. I thought I would have felt a lot more down about not race riding anymore. I think because I have found a new passion in eventing now I didn’t really mind… and of course good company can make all the difference. I was joined by friends, and extremely talented singers, Stephanie Nala, Kerrianne Covell, Abi Garrido and Josh Daniel from international artist management company RU:Listening. This was a chance for Josh in particular to relax before the whirlwind that’s sure to follow his appearance on this weekend’s X-Factor and his audition in front of Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges, for which we all of course send him all our very best wishes!

But back on the racing… and everyone was asking me what things meant and how to know which horse have got chances. I am no tipping expert by any means but I do understand the lingo and have more understanding than most about the horses and the ins-and-outs of the race cards and what everything means.

Sadly it wasn’t our night as none of us backed a single winner. Richard Upshall of course managed to pick a horse called Escrick in the final race, only motivation because it was sired by a stallion called Dubai Power, just to make sure one of us came up good. We definitely didn’t have beginner’s luck on our side, but now we at least have an excuse to go the races again soon and try and win it all back!

I may also of had a few informed tips that were useless, so I’ll give them a good hiding when I see them next time… they know who they are! Still, gambling is all about having fun and only risking the amount you can afford to lose, so then it’s no big issue and your not in a mess if you don’t win at all… like us!

To add to the fun, we also had a loose horse on the track at one point, it got free from the jockey who was leading it, which of course to the general public is a good laugh and when it cantered by the stands everyone cheered as they always do. This of course is not exactly helpful as this then scares the horse off and it canters round for even longer… ooopppss! Eventually it was finally caught though, and the racing continued.

The girls all seemed to love the races too and we were lucky enough to have a corporate table provided by RU:Listening and for which, as brand ambassador, I was hosting, which meant we got a great view, some lovely food as well as an evening at the races and a performance by Spandau Ballet afterwards!

The food was a big buffet-style menu for which I opted for the roast beef, and the beef was quite pink which I love because I always have rare steak when eating beef! The service was also great with some very helpful waiters and waitresses.

We watched Spandau Ballet afterwards and I wont lie I only know a few of their songs, but the set was brilliant and they sounded really good. So it was a thoroughly good night all around, so hats off to Newcastle Racecourse.

Kerrianne Covell, Abi Garrido and Josh Daniel enjoy all the hospitality Newcastle Racecourse offers!

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