I never knew much of Kid Cudi until a few years back. A guy I was seeing really liked him, and he ended up burning me a CD. Annoyingly, he’s kind of associated with him when I listen to him now, for obvious reasons, but hey, life goes on.

Anybody who knows anything about Kid Cudi will know he is, or he was, a massive stoner. While a lot of his songs mention this, you don’t need to be a stoner to appreciate his music. I think I was apprehensive about his stuff before because it was pretty laid back, and I was used to more in your face, upbeat music. Cudi’s stuff is pretty different to other stuff I’ve heard, and I guess different sometimes takes a bit of getting used to.

I don’t love all of his music. Unfortunately for me, and I’m sure some of his other fans, he’s kind of abandoned rap music and has jumped on board of a sort of rock. I understand his reasoning for it, but it’s sad that I won’t be hearing music similar to what I already love of his.

What I love about his songs are the lyrics. When I’m feeling in a certain mood, I put him on, and things seem better. Cudi’s been very open about his struggle with depression, and you can hear this in his music. So many of his lyrics resonate with me, like they were written from my own mind at times, and I love when music can do this.

Just lately, I’ve been watching YouTube videos of him, and he seems like a good guy too, which is even better. He’s brought to light issues like depression not being talked about within the African-American community, which is huge. He’s talked about his own struggles with depression, and controversially, had cuts tattooed on his wrists. Physically, it’s not good, but metaphorically, it speaks volumes.

Cudi has been open with his feelings on hip hop. He feels like the whole cash, money, hoes side needs to end, and this is something I’ve got to agree with. Yes, there are times for meaningless songs, sure. We can’t have 100% serious songs all of the time, we all just want something to dance to, but with the newer generation of hip hop artists talking about nothing but, music is suffering, and it’s getting boring. I’m not the only one feeling like I’m not even enjoying my own genre of music anymore. Me and my friends have talked about it multiple times, that music is getting worse. I may not like Cudi’s new direction with music, but I understand his reasoning behind it.

Side Note: Serious talk aside, he is beautiful.

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